Brookstone Online Product Description:  WeatherCast Wireless 5-day Forecaster  Headline: Mother Nature’s Guide  Lead: Wake up knowing what mood she's in.  Body copy:   Mornings could be easier if you knew what to dress the kids, put on for work, or just hit the snooze button. The WeatherCast Wireless Forecaster receives real-time updates and forecasts every 15 minutes from®, which are wirelessly transmitted to 152 cities nationwide -- free; there are no subscriptions. This gadget even guesses what it ‘feels like’ outside by calculating the wind and humidity! The 3” LCD screen also displays accurate time, weather symbols, daily highs/lows and indicators for rising or falling temperatures, and you can store up to five cities if you are traveling. The WeatherCast has no wires, handhelds or adapters and operates using 3 AA batteries that you purchase. Each unit comes with a built-in magnet to hang on your refrigerator and an accompanying stand for your bedside. Start waking up prepared today, click here to confirm your coverage area.  SKU, name, price line.      
 Brookstone Online Product Description:  Wireless TV Headphones  Headline: Peace Keepers  Lead: End those Mars and Venus Wars without giving in.  Body copy:   It is 8 p.m., and the big game is calling, but your wife has finally got some quiet time after settling the kids. Now you can answer that call with the Wireless TV headphones and surround yourself with crystal clear reception that projects from up to 19 feet away. With the full-range stereo sound you can take in a movie with virtually no interference from other wireless devices; as the infrared transmitter plugs directly into the headphone jack on any TV, stereo or computer devices. Or listen to music for hours with the soft-touch padded headphones that are powered with an AC adapter and you just buy the 2 AAA batteries. Why miss out when you can now keep the peace at home with Wireless TV headphones.  SKU, name, price line.      
 Brookstone Online Product Description:  iNeed Lumbar Massage Pillow  Headline: Have a personal masseuse anytime.   Lead: Enjoy unlimited massages anywhere.  Body copy:   The cost of a masseuse can add up quickly if you like massages, and they don’t come on-demand: the iNeed Lumbar Massage Pillow will! Each device powerfully hits the spot using four, deep, dual-rotating massage nodes, relieving those muscle knots and tightness in your lumbar area by using a kneading Shiatsu technique. This cushion fits snugly in the small of your back and features a 20-minute automatic shut-off. Happy customers have used it on their upper back, neck and while lying down too. It comes with a sleek carrying case, adjustable straps and an AC adapter to turn any chair into a massage lounge. Let the iNeed Lumbar Massage Pillow put the bounce back into your daily step. Click here for more information.  SKU, name, price line.            
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